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Treating juveniles as juveniles

A SEEMINGLY alluring argument holds that thorny social and criminal justice problems can be fixed by imposing harsher penalties. Such a policy seems to cost little and makes many feel that they are doing something to increase public safety.

That notion has inspired a misguided piece of legislation on Beacon Hill that would allow the state to sentence juveniles as adults on charges of witness intimidation.

Vexed With Local Reporting, Minority Community Gets Better News Coverage

BOSTON (ANS) -- People living in a section called Grove Hall had felt for years that local television presented an uneven portrayal of their African-American neighborhood. These concerns only increased when a report on the evening news about a sexual assault in the area failed to adequately disguise the victim's identity.

"The way in which the reporter covered (the story), the way in which the media cameras were angled, they all but identified that girl." said Laura Younger, a community leader. "A neighborhood is like a small town; we knew who she was, where they lived."

Forum targets gun source

At a community meeting held at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School last Wednesday the question heard most was, "Where did the gun come from?"

It's a non-rhetorical question that Citizens for Safety are urging people to ask after every single shooting since the majority of shootings in Boston are with illegal guns.

Road to Choice Through Community Learning?
 When the Jeremiah Burke High School reopens in Grove Hall, students will come back to more than renovated classrooms. In addition to a new gym, there will be a new branch library, and a new community center, all in one setting.
Closing the Police-Community Gap

There’s some guardedly hopeful reaction to part of the strategy against violence mentioned in Mayor’s Menino’s State of the City speech on January 9—the advisory councils in every police district. The aims, said the mayor, were to improve communication with residents and “making sure that important information gets into the hands of the people who need it to prevent and solve crime.”

City senses urgency on youth violence

With the dramatic rise in shootings in Boston in recent years, the percentage of victims who are teenagers has skyrocketed, according to new statistics.

In the first four months of 2006, 45 percent of non fatal gunshot wound victims were under the age of 20 compared with 35 percent last year, 34 percent in 2004, and 20 percent in 2003, figures from the state Department of Public Health show.





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