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In 1991 eight groups came together to form a collaborative to address the issue of youth-on-youth violence. Project RIGHT (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together) was established to increase the capacity of neighborhood resident groups and community-based organizations to network and plan community-driven actions to solve problems impacting those communities.

Since Project RIGHT’s inception our work has been to strengthen and coordinate existing services and programs for the community through grassroots organizing of neighborhood residents. This vibrant collaborative helps our members gather support and power to affect public policies that address area concerns. We ensure that the Grove Hall community receives its fair share of resources from the public and private sectors. Project RIGHT utilizes organizing as a means of cultivating leadership development, public safety, housing, employment, economic development and electoral participation within our community. Our unique collaborations have been recognized by a host of foundations as well as the US Department of Justice as a strong model of community organizing and mobilization.

At present there are over 50 organizations and public officials represented in our collaborative. Our members include, but are not limited to, resident-led associations, social service agencies, churches, youth and senior advocates/providers, community development corporations and community businesses. To assist in empowering our community, Project RIGHT places a priority on increasing the number of residents involved in resident-led organizations. We prioritize that our membership identify and engage renters, homeowners and people of all races, nationalities and ethnic groups in their organizing efforts. We also identify resident leadership on unorganized streets in order to assist them in becoming organized groups with self-identified missions, visions, goals and strategic plans. For over 17 years Project RIGHT has worked to develop a self-determined community.

We are a structured 501(c)(3). There are 17 sitting board members who meet on a monthly basis. Our board takes great efforts to act as an umbrella facilitative body for our membership and consults regularly with an advisory group comprised of former board members in order to ensure alignment with our mission.

The backgrounds of our board members are as diverse as is their ethnicity. The thread that binds this dynamic group is that they are all leaders within their communities who are working in neighborhood-based agencies or on ongoing projects supported by the agency. New board members are elected, sworn in, and take an Oath of Office at our annual meeting which takes place in October. We estimate that Project RIGHT supports and/or facilitates over 220 community and leadership-based meetings per year within Grove Hall.

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