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Grove Hall Safe Neighborhood Initiative / Weed and Seed
Recognized by the US Department of Justice, the Grove Hall Safe Neighborhood Initiative (GHSNI) is a collaborative effort between Project RIGHT, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Office of the Mayor of Boston, the Boston Police Department and neighborhood residents to prevent and reduce violent crime, drug use and gang activity.

Safe Havens
Project RIGHT, Inc. is heavily investing its organizational and human resources in developing ‘safe havens’ for our youth and families. Our strategy encompasses working with resident associations/groups and tenant associations within Greater Grove Hall to strengthen existing and future services to the youth and families of our community. Youth and families requiring services are referred to the ‘safe havens’ where there are or will be service providers. Our goal with this initiative is to be able to offer comprehensive/wrap around services to our families.

These three “safe havens” once fully functional and supported with the necessary resources will provide the Greater Grove Hall neighborhood with three major multi purpose facilities for after-school and year round youth and family programming.

  • Jeremiah E. Burke High School: This $42M renovation began in Winter 2006 and has been completed.
  • Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School: Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School offers elementary and middle school and out of school time programming that provides academia, athletics and prevention and intervention services for school age children and their families.
  • Grove Hall Community Center: Offering a wide range of services including sports leagues and prevention and intervention services for youth ages 12 – 24.

We are also currently working on sighting additional ‘safe havens’ along the Humboldt Avenue and Harold Street corridor of Grove Hall. This initiative, called the Grove Hall/Humboldt “Community Building” Initiative entails working in partnership with the Boston Ten Point Coalition, MassHousing, and several tenant associations based along the Humboldt and Harold Street corridor, and additional community based organizations to strengthen our community’s youth outreach and violence prevention and intention services. By further developing additional ‘safe havens’ we will be able to ensure that the necessary prevention and intervention youth services are provided.

Multi-unit Housing Initiative
This initiative focuses on multi-unit apartment buildings that have been identified as hot spots. These hot spots are areas where acts of violence, drug trafficking, prostitution, and other public safety concerns have occurred.

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