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Green Space Improvements
Green Space improvements have been undertaken in a number of areas within Greater Grove Hall with the advocacy and expertise of Project RIGHT staff, our membership, and resident volunteers. Green Space improvements have occurred at:

  • Ceylon Field & Park Renovation
  • The Holborn Street tot lot built and designed, a few years ago at an approximate cost of over $375,000,00. with the advocacy of the Holborn, Gannett, Gaston, Otisfield Betterment Association.
  • Pudding Stone Park (corner of Seaver Street and Blue Hill Avenue) renovation almost completely done by the efforts of the residents of the Pasadena, Supple, Columbia Road Neighborhood Association.
  • The Intervale Street tot lot is currently being completely rebuilt with the advocacy and design work by the Intervale/Normandy Street Residents Association.
  • The complete renovation of the schoolyard at the Trotter Elementary School with the assistance of the school personnel, parents, and the advocacy of the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association.
  • The complete renovation of the schoolyard at the Quincy E. Dickerman School with the assistance of school personnel, parents, Project RIGHT, Inc. staff support, and the assistance and expertise our Board President – Mr. John E. Barbour Jr.
  • The completion of new green space on Crawford Street that provides space for over 250 people at any time during Spring, Summer, and Fall by the Crawford, Howland, Ruthven, Wenonah, Waumbeck BlockWatch Association and the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association (under the Roxbury Hill’s  Land Trust).
  • The complete renovation of Quincy Park on the corner of Quincy Street and Blue Hill Avenue.
  • We are currently working on developing green space in the Maple and Schuyler Streets area of Grove Hall. We hope to start a formal process with residents in early Spring 2008. Possible uses for green space include a totlot or passive green space.
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